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Round-Off Hand Placement
Are you wondering exactly how the hands are supposed to be in your round-offs? What angle does the right hand turn to? How do you orient the fingers of the left hand? This lesson explains hand placement with precision and detail. In this lesson Coach Wayne reveals his first and favorite round-off drill-station, complete with...
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Straight Body Fall 03/2007
Snap-down Rebound 03/2007
Round-Off Pike Down 03/2007
Connections 04/2007

Arched Handstand Push-up
Round-Off Uphill Back Tuck
Punch Front Tuck
Saulto off the Trampoline

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Benchmarks of Excellence
A "benchmark" is a standard point of reference that is used to measure how well a skill is being performed. This online lesson covers back-tucks, handsprings, cartwheels, round-offs and combination skills. With demonstrations by Olympic gymnast Zuzana Sekerova, this incredible online lesson is the one that NO TUMBLER or coach should be without...
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Back Tuck Progression (INSTRUCTOR)
Ever wonder if there's a better way to teach flips? Is there something MISSING in your progression that's CAUSING extra trouble in your classes? This lesson helps fill in the blanks. Are you prepping your students effectively for each stage of their flip so they advance as rapidly as possible? Wouldn't it be faster to teach good form from the beginning...
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Cross-Arm Spot (INSTRUCTOR)
Finally, spotters have a way to put a STOP to head-tossing, LOW back flips. Use the Cross-Arm spot to establish EXCELLENT technique FIRST at the BEGINNING of your progression. Most instructors use a common ONE HAND or TWO HAND spot for the standing back tuck. Both of these spotting techniques LACK the precise control needed to INSURE that athletes SAFELY and CONFIDENTLY...
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Gymnastic Jump (INSTRUCTOR)
The Gymnastic-Jump is a fundamental exercise used to prepare for standing handsprings and tucks. Students who successfuly learn to perform Gym-Jumps with power and accuracy can easily progress. Critical for building adequate jump strength and rhythmic explosive power, the gym-jump is used in daily training...
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How to Turn your Hands the Right Way in the Backhandspring
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Jump Set Tuck (INSTRUCTOR)
Learn this powerful, effective and precise preparation for standing back flips. Get tangible results when utilizing the Jump-Set and Tuck prep exercise set. Whether starting students on standing tucks or correcting habitual errors, this is one of CoachWayne’s most amazing tools for tucks. Never before published...
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Lunge to Handstand (STUDENT)
Learn to perfect your Lunge to Handstand and ensure a stronger foundation for gymnastic skills such as: Cartwheels, Round Offs, Front Handsprings, and Back Handsprings.

Coach Wayne reveals step-by-step instruction from preparatory exercises to proper hand placement and everything in between!
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