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Ever wonder if there's a better way to teach flips? Is there something MISSING in your progression that's CAUSING extra trouble in your classes? This lesson helps fill in the blanks. Are you prepping your students effectively for each stage of their flip so they advance as rapidly as possible?

Wouldn't it be faster to teach good form from the beginning, AND at each stage of the progression, so you don't have to spend EXTRA time fixing all those bad habits? If consistent, progressable, beautiful, SAFE back flips are your goal, then THIS is the starting spot.


- 19 pages of animations and illustrations with detail such as specific angles, distances and positions for world-class skill and drill execution.

- Coach Wayne identifies and helps you to avoid common mistakes so you stop problems before they become bad habits.

- Precise step-by-step lead-up skills provide a proven path for skill mastery .

- Instant Online Access with Credit Card purchase

- Satisfaction Guaranteed.


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