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Standing Back

I finally got my standing back. Then one time I bailed and now I can't get my self to do it the same. I have to have it to try out for a major squad in March I know I could do but its all mental any tips? Thanx!

It's not uncommon for major skills to come and go for a few seasons before they are consistent. Don't fret too much over it. Instead... work on building up your LEG MUSCLES>.. your jumpers... so you can jump higher and stay in the air longer...
Secondly... start spinning uphill back-tucks... with a light spot. Ten at a time... 3 times per day. Incrementally increase the difficulty each practice... 4" up to start... then add an inch or two each practice.

toss a few standing on the level floor after those three sets each day... but don't TRY to get the tuck... Don't worry about it...
instead... focus on your basics... JUMP, LIFT, tight tuck, head neutral, etc.... solid landing.... on the uphills... (with a spot) and let the tuck come back to you without stress over a few weeks. I'm assuming you're in the gym at LEAST 3 times per week.

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