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Back Layout Salto

Hey, how's it going?
i have a huge problem which is actually psychological more than anything else (and I'd really appreciate it and thank you in advance for any ideas) which is the back layout salto... (this is on tramp, by the way, and I jump to about 5-6 metres...no idea what that is in feet, sorry!) anyway... I can do a really good back tuck fine and all that, but I just can't do a layout. I don't understand how the 'take-off' part works. usually, as soon as I know the physics of any skill I can get it on the first go. the closest I've come to a layout is about 135* piked (which does technically call it a layout then), but I want mine to be as straight as I can get it. any ideas?
thanks for your time!!!

It sounds like you're getting plenty of spring... and with a 3/4 pike well rehearsed you should be ready to straighten it out into the layout.

1) Introduce a bit of TRAVEL into the skill.
Normally, when practicing the back tuck or pike on a trampoline your body will spring STRAIGHT up in the air... you'll perform the rotation... then you'll land in approximately the same spot. Instead...with the layout, it's helpful to start FORWARD on the tramp and TRAVEL backward over the bed of the tramp when you're rotating so that you land past the 1/2 way line ... towards the rear of the tramp. Start about 2 big steps in FRONT of the center-line.(or 1/3 the length of the trampoline bed)

2) KEEP lifting with the arms AFTER you've flipped upside down... and think of PULLING yourself further around until you are standing upright.


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