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My squad is going to Nationals next year (well, we think we are), and we're kind of stuck on what we're going to do for tumbling. My squad can all do standing tucks and handsprings. We were thinking that we want half of the squad doing toe-touches while the other hand does a tuck, then vice versa... after the second group lands everyone doing a back handspring back... but we're not sure (1) if this will work and (2) how to build stamina for this and (3) how to position ourselves so we won't hit/touch each other.. if you have any tips or ideas please let me know! Thanks again!

Wow... It sounds like ya'll are planning to WIN!

Synchronized tumbling & jumps is a SURE way to add MEGA flash to a routine. There are lots of possible answers to your questions... here are my first thoughts.

1. Yes, SURE it CAN work.

2. The handspring, toe-touch is a breeze because the rebound from the handspring should shoot the toe-touches sky high.  Starting a Handspring OUT OF a toe-touch is a TOUGH one.  To build up stamina, practice (on mats) with three tuck-jumps immediately in a row, no pauses in between. Toss a handspring on the end and emphasize WELL-FORMED POSITION throughout the handspring.  The toe-touch will be slightly more demanding than a tuck-jump. To advance, put three toe-touches together, back-to-back, without a pause. Then toss a handspring on the end.  Don't worry about synchronizing at first, just start building the "muscle."  Now you can use your tablet to help build specific strength for superior tumbling, click to find out how.   20-30 repetitions of that series should have your BEST athlete panting.  Run through that 2-3 times at each of your workouts for a couple of weeks.  Then start to synchronize them with only a SINGLE toe-touch followed by the Handspring

3. Shoulder-to-shoulder stagger line is ONE likely positioning.  I bet once you're into practice you'll come up with a dozen possible positions that'll take you where you want to go.

4. You could add some extra flash by having your tumblers facing BACKWARDS and performing a 1/2 turn INTO the toe-touch.

Have fun, Be safe, Push HARD!

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